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School Knitting Club July 4, 2007


I thought it was about time I posted some pics from my school knitting club, the children aged 7-10 have made the items pictured. I have one boy who is knitting the red scarf above, he is by far the neatest! The girl pictured has made the bag and teddy and we are moving on to learning the purl stitch next. There are more photos but I can’t post pictures of the children so I will have to get just ther knitting photographed next week!


5 Responses to “School Knitting Club”

  1. julie Says:

    These are great – it’s wonderful to be able to pass on skills to kids. Amy started knitting a few months ago at Brownies which is a good thing really as she gor teally ratty with me when I tried to show her! Now she’s got the basics I’m hoping that she’ll let me show her a little more!

  2. They are really enjoying it, I’m trying to encourage them to do the finishing, sewing up etc on their own – the finished items are far from perfect but they are learning much more by doing it themselves!

  3. KoltKnitster Says:

    I, too, am teaching knitting to kids. I have middle schoolers. I started out last year with one or two kids straggling in and now we have over 40 knitters. We meet once a week after school…. about 22 come consistently. It has really caught on! They are stuck on knitting right now but purling is next. They are anxious to graduate from scarves. I wish I had more help. It gets a little overwhelming. I have them make appointments before or after school to learn casting on. They need to learn that without distractions. It’s mostly girls… I’m down to one boy now.

    The first boy I taught is an amazing knitter. He caught on so fast. He is a “closet” knitter. It’s hard on boys to be caught knitting when you are one of the “cool” kids. I thought I might have a “guys only” night… I’m not sure how that would take. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    I truly love when students finish a project! There is no greater joy in their life at that moment and I get to see that. It keeps ME young!

  4. Jane Says:

    I am really inspired by your school Knitting Club, as a Year 5 teacher I am about to begin a lunchtime club for my kids with the help of my mum. We have found it really difficult to find something for a beginner to knit that they will finish and will enjoy. I think we are going to do pencil cases/purses. I really liked the picture of the knitted teddy and can remember doing one myself as a child. Maybe they can move on to that.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Ann Says:

    I am thinking about starting a knitting/crochet club for my students. Where did you get the pattern for the teddy bear? I think my students would love to make it. Hoping that some will start making scarves for a local homeless shelter.

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