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I’m going to be away most of the summer July 15, 2007

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so that mean this is my last post for a few weeks.

School breaks up on Friday, and the new Harry Potter book is out at the weekend so I won’t have time for knitting/sleeping/eating/blogging until I’ve read it! Then the first week of the holiday’s I’m off to Lincolnshire with my boyfriend to stay at his parents farm – I’m taking my Twilleys Freedom chevron jacket up with me and hoping to finally figure out the side increases while I’m there. Then after a week or so I’m back in Solihull for the night (and a visit to the dietician to discuss my coeliac disease) Then I’m going straight down to Cornwall with my Mum and Aunt for two weeks! …phew!… then I’m in Norfolk for my cousin’s wedding, then back up to Lincolnshire to catch up with my boyfriend, then finally back in Solihull for the last week of the holidays to prepare my classroom for the Autumn term!

So I’m going to be busy and there won’t be much time for blogging. I only have internet access here at my boyfriend’s flat and he spends the six weeks of summer up on his dad’s farm helping with the harvest, so I’m not sure if i will be back here until the end of the summer.

Have a great summer everyone, fingers crossed it gets a bit warmer for everyone!


A few projects July 4, 2007

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A couple of recent projects, I made a hat to match the baby jumper, the baby was born yesterday 5 weeks premature, it was a girl.

Here is my first booga bag pre-felting. I’ve felted it and want to add some embridery so I will photograpg that when it’s done.


School Knitting Club


I thought it was about time I posted some pics from my school knitting club, the children aged 7-10 have made the items pictured. I have one boy who is knitting the red scarf above, he is by far the neatest! The girl pictured has made the bag and teddy and we are moving on to learning the purl stitch next. There are more photos but I can’t post pictures of the children so I will have to get just ther knitting photographed next week!