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5 weeks until the summer holidays! June 16, 2007

Not that I’m counting! Things are so busy at school that I’ve not had much time for me. Last weekend I finally finished writing my reports which take hours to complete (if you know a teacher then they will confirm this!) so now at least my only weekend school commitment is weekly planning. This weekend I’m hoping to figure out the side increases on my twilleys chevron jacket, I started off so well but I’m really confused now with this part of the pattern!

School knitting club is going well, I will try to remember to take some photos (although I’m not allowed to post pictures of the children, so it will have to be their knitting only)

I got my test results yesterday from my small intestine biopsy, it came back clear which in theory means I’m not a coeliac. Now i don’t know how to take this news as I was actually hoping for a positive diagnosis so that I had a name for whats wrong with me, and that hopefully I could go gluten-free and feel better. Talking to my GP he seemed confused as my blood test was positive. Basically I’ve been advised to exclude gluten from my diet anyway for about 2-3 weeks, then re-introduce it to test my body’s reaction. If I feel better when off gluten and lousy when I re-introduce then I know that my body is reacting to it – then I have to go back to the Gastroenterologist and possibly for another gastroscopy. Nothing is ever simple! I’ve read on the internet that its possible to be non-coeliac gluten intolerant, so maybe that is the answer. All I know is that I suffer the symptoms of coeliac disease when I eat food containing gluten and I had a positive blood test. I’m not convinced about the diagnosis and I won’t be until I have done this exclusion diet.

Right, I’ve got to get to the library then back here to get on with the twilleys jacket – photos of progress (or lack of) soon to follow.


4 Responses to “5 weeks until the summer holidays!”

  1. Kazza Says:

    Hiya Claire! Sorry I havent been in touch for a while, its been a really busy week. Those test result are confusing arent they? Hopefully some time on the gluten free diet will give you more of an idea. Sorry I didnt come to Knitting on Wednesday – I wont be able to come until after my holiday in September now – im trying my best to shape up for my hols and have started a course of toning tables twice a week – unfortunately the only nights they have spaces are Monday and Wednesday. I’ll be back after my hols though! Hows the Freedom Spirit jacket going? Ive nearly finished my Sockapalooza socks, going to give mine some serious attention then, feel like Ive been a bit naughty and neglected it. Any luck with the side shaping?

  2. Kazza Says:

    Hello again, just read your comment – Im sorry to hear about your job, I didnt see the post before when I was reading your blog earlier. What happens now? Do the education department sort a new position out for you? Ive finished my Sockapalooza socks now so Im back onto our knitalong. Im gonna do my best to suss out this pattern malarky tomorrow, fingers crossed!

  3. We don’t knw about our jobs, someone from Solihull Local Authority HR comes on Tuesady to talk to us so i should know better then.

  4. I can certainly understand wanting to know for sure what exactly is causing you issues. Seems like quite a few people have gluten-intolerance without necessarily testing positive for it. I’d think the results of trying the GF diet would start making it obvious whether or not it is a problem within a few months or so. Best wishes whatever happens to be the outcome.

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