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Well below average June 2, 2007

I joined a local gym yesterday and had a fitness assessment – I came out as ‘well below average fitness’ which is just great! Mind you, I could have told them that without killing myself on an excercise bike first! So I have to resolves to get to the gym on a regular basis from now on.

Unfortunately I can’t today, I am very behing on writing my school reports and we are back to school on Monday, I’ve also got to write my planning for the next weeks lessons so thats what I’m going to be doing all weekend.

As I’ve been busy with reports I’ve not been to productive on the knitting front, I’ve made some progress with the chevron jacket but I’m getting a bit confused with the increases on the side shaping – so I’ve just put it back in the bag and ignored it for a couple of days!

I’ve got some great bruises from my hospital experience on Wednesday! I have to wait 2 weeks for the biopsy results now which is frustrating. I have managed to convince myself that the biopsy will come back negetive for coeliac disease – but I think i actually want it to be positive. That way I will at least know what is wrong with me and it will be a relief.

 Right, I’m off to get my hair cut now.


One Response to “Well below average”

  1. Kazza Says:

    Hellooooo! Glad to hear the hospital wasnt too nasty (apart from the bruises, poor you!). Fingers crossed for your results. I didnt make it to knitting night on Wednesday, its been manic at work again and I didnt get out in time. I have managed to find time to keep on with our knitalong though, Im at the same stage as you with the side increases – Im confused! I think I’ll just make that bit up as I go along and see how it goes. Let me know if you manage to suss it out!

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