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What its like to have a gastroscopy May 30, 2007

I can tell you now because today I had one. I had to go and fill out some paperwork first while the nurse explained to procedure, then I had to go and wait. I opted to have a light sedation but it took 5 attempts for the nuurse to get the needle in a vein – so now Im rather bruised!

Anyway, when she had got the needle in my hand and given me the sedation I had to put a mouthguard in my mouth. I don’t remember falling asleep or anything about the procedure. The next thing I remember was retching and trying to spit the mouth guard out and two nurses telling me to stop coughing and relax – I think that was when they were removing the gastroscope. Then the next thing I remember was opening my eyes and finding myself in the recover room, it took about 10 minutes to really realise where I was and I looked at the clock and saw that over an hour had gone by. One of the nurses came over and removed the needle from my hand and said I had been asleep. About 10 minutes after that I could stand up and they talked through the results with me, then my mum came to collect me! So all in all it was ok, the worse bits were the needles and the gagging on the gastroscope. I’ve got to wait 10-14 days for the results of the biopsy (they took a tissue sample to check for coeliac disease) then I will know if I have coeliac disease or not.

I must add though, I’ve got a really sore throat now and I can’t knit as my right hand as a bit swollen lump on it where they couldn’t get the needle in the vein!


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