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Secret Santa Pressie May 18, 2007

Filed under: crafts,knitting,sock knitting,sock yarn,socks,yarn,yarn stash — sleepknitting @ 4:15 pm


My present from the Angel Yarns Secret Santa swap arrived this week – loads of yummy goodies! I’m really chuffed with the Noro Kureon, can’t wait to make the booga bag! Thanks again secret Pal!…. I wonder what my secret pal will think of the parcel I am sending to her?!


2 Responses to “Secret Santa Pressie”

  1. Gemma Says:

    So glad you like it!! Can’t wait to see the booga bag you make!!!!

  2. Thanks again Gemma! great stuff, I think I think the booga bag will be my first project for the summer holidays (only 9 weeks to go!) I’m already looking up felting techniques!

    Loved the chocolate too!

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