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Sorry – no pics! May 17, 2007

I need to charge my camera! – a few things waiting to be photographed!

A few things to report since my last post, firstly I have finally received an appointment for my gastroscopy so I will be having it done on 30th May and should hopefully know about 7-10 days after that if I have Coeliac disease. I’m not really looking forward to it but I do really just want to know now!

I had my knitting club again after school  today, its going really well! several children have been getting a relative (mostly gran!) to help them at home and they have come back with knitted wristbands and headbands. One girl finished a headband tonight and has started making a bad today. A few are still at the beginning stage of takinng 10 minutes to do 3 stiches then dropping the lot! I gave them a little rhyme to help with the knit stitch: ‘in , around, through and off’ which they have changed to ‘my nan blew off!’ (I love that!) anyway, they are still enthusiastic and keep catching me in the corridor to ask me questions about casting on!

 I went to my first ever knitting/stitch group tonight in Solihull, really enjoyed it and was great to meet fellow knitters / stitchers! Was nice to meet you too Karen!…. and I’m very impressed with those socks! (wish I could master those DPN’s!)

Right, I’m off to school to prepare for  Teddy Bears Picnic!


One Response to “Sorry – no pics!”

  1. I dropped by to see who tagged me, and could’t help commenting. I never really caught on to DPN’s either. I knit my socks using the Magic Loop method. I love it and it’s way easier to learn/master than DPN’s!

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