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Frogging Frenzy May 5, 2007

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On Thursday I had an afternoon or stash organisation, I took a long hard look at my unfinished projects and made some decisions:

1. My attempt at Ysolda’s ‘Cloud Bolero’ had to be frogged, too many mistakes and I think The yarn (rowand spray) is too chunky.

2. Rowan ‘Willow’ in Ribbon twist also frogged, a lovely design and yarn but its just too bulky for my 5ft 1in frame!

3. Rowan Denim ‘Raspy’ frogged – I just never got into this project and found it so boring to knit. I will have to find some other use for the yarn

I think I will use the ribbon twist yarn to make a few christmas presents, and the rowan spray will make a lovely bag or scarf. There were a couple of projects that I haven’t had the heart to frog just yet: Colinette point 5 zip cardi which again is way way too bulky for me and makes me look loke a huge purple yeti! but I just love the yarn so much even though i know i will never wear the damn cardi! I will have to think of something more suitable for the yarn before I work up the courahe to frog!

Lastly I couldn’t find the stamina to frog a Debbie Bliss Cathay shrug, its a lovely drapey yarn but the stupid thing is too small for me (my fisrt ever finished garmet, an amateur attempt really but at the time I was proud of it!) I think however I could make something from the yarn that is usable – thinking cap on. So anyway, after the frogging and an ebay clear-out I have a reasonable size stash that just fits in a large box (see picture above!)

Also above you can see that I have actually done some more of the Debbie Bliss cashmerino astrakhan coat, I finished the second sleeve last night so just the back part and blocking / sewing up to do. The close-up shows the knitted fabric, I really like the texture and it has a lovely stretch to it.


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