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Everyone is having babies! May 5, 2007


As you can see my resolve to not buy anymore yarn crashed down about my ears when I stumbled into John Lewis last weekend….oops! well, you see the problem is I know three people having babies, two at work and I just love to knit baby clothes! I looked on the book as an investment (in the hope that I may one day be knitting for my own baby!) My first project will be the striped sweater above, we don’t know ifs its a boy or a girl so I decided on the neutral combination of a ecru / biscuit coloured stripe, I’m hoping to find some cute little teddy buttons but so far I haven’t managed to find them small enough. But, i am not going to start until i finish the Debbie Bliss coat, I really can’t or i will be back with a pile of unfinished objects taking over my room again!

On other matters, I am STILL waiting for a gastroscopy appointment to confirm my coeliac disease, I really want to know for sure now as I feel like I am damaging my insides whenever I eat bread or biscuits etc. I know I get ill whenever I eat anything in breadcrumbs or pasta so I feel like I know the diagnosis will come back positive.


2 Responses to “Everyone is having babies!”

  1. Vicky Says:

    I’ve got that Simply Baby book too. I could knit everything from it. My favourite is that little coat.

  2. Yes – its a beautiful book. I would have loved to have made the coat or shrug but if I did then the mum in question will probably have a boy!

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