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What its like to have a gastroscopy May 30, 2007

I can tell you now because today I had one. I had to go and fill out some paperwork first while the nurse explained to procedure, then I had to go and wait. I opted to have a light sedation but it took 5 attempts for the nuurse to get the needle in a vein – so now Im rather bruised!

Anyway, when she had got the needle in my hand and given me the sedation I had to put a mouthguard in my mouth. I don’t remember falling asleep or anything about the procedure. The next thing I remember was retching and trying to spit the mouth guard out and two nurses telling me to stop coughing and relax – I think that was when they were removing the gastroscope. Then the next thing I remember was opening my eyes and finding myself in the recover room, it took about 10 minutes to really realise where I was and I looked at the clock and saw that over an hour had gone by. One of the nurses came over and removed the needle from my hand and said I had been asleep. About 10 minutes after that I could stand up and they talked through the results with me, then my mum came to collect me! So all in all it was ok, the worse bits were the needles and the gagging on the gastroscope. I’ve got to wait 10-14 days for the results of the biopsy (they took a tissue sample to check for coeliac disease) then I will know if I have coeliac disease or not.

I must add though, I’ve got a really sore throat now and I can’t knit as my right hand as a bit swollen lump on it where they couldn’t get the needle in the vein!


Twilleys Freedom Spirit Chevron Jacket – started! May 28, 2007

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Started last night! I’ve had a couple of minor glitches due to my lack of concentration when watching the tv! But so far so good. I love the 3D texture the chevron pattern creates.

By the way, please excuse the large image and the general amateur quality of this blog, I’m not very good with computers and I still can’t figure out how to resize Jpegs or use html etc!



Scary Teddy! May 27, 2007


Here is a scary little fellow! this is what I’m going to get my school knitting club to make when they improve a bit! my class have named him ‘sparky’. The club is going well, I have several children that want to join but sadly I don’t have any places left in the club, I’m also running a lunchtime club to fit everyone in! Two of the girls have really got the hang of it and have already learnt to cast on/off and basic garter stitch – I’m going to teach them to purl after half term! I’m really proud of them, they have already made a headband and a bag each.

A few of the kids are a lot more interested in turning up to the club just to sit and chat! its turned into a primary school stitch and bitch! Not all of them have grasped knitting first time – One girl produced her knitting to show me what she had done in the week; she started originally with 10 stitches that I cast on for her, she had managed to increase that to 197 stitches in  the most knotted, twisted shape I had ever seen! We had a good giggle at it as when I took it off the needles it resembled a santa beard! needless to say she started again.

Anyway, its half term and I’m supposed to be writing my reports. I’ve not even started, I’m much more keen to make a start on my Twilleys Freedom Spirit Chevron Jacket which I have started the tenson swatch for. Kazza ( ) and I are having a knitalong (which I’ve listed on Angel Yarns for anyone interested in joining!) I’ve also finished the baby jumper, I just need some buttons then I will get a photo uploaded.

I’m a bit nervous as I’ve got an appointment for my gastroscopy on wednesday, my mum is going to come with me! I’m not looking forward to it as I’ve never been to hospital before, but it will be good to get the results. I’ve been back and forth from GP to Gastroenterologist in the last few months and it will be good to have a conclusive diagnosis. If I do have Coeliac Disease I will have to really adjust my diet and lifestlyle in a major way – and it just dawned on my yesterday that if I do have the disease that I will never be allowed to eat Maltesers ever again for the rest of my life! HELP!


8 Random Things May 19, 2007

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I’ve been tagged by Vicky ( ) to join in with the 8 random things game, so thanks Vicky, here goes:

 1. Before moving to the midlands and becoming a teacher I did a degree in Fashion and worked for Marie Claire magazine for nearly 2 years.

2. I am a demi-vegetarian (or pescetarian)  – the only meat I eat is Fish.

3. I can’t stand cucumber.

4. I can fall asleep in about 3 minutes and I’ve slept standing up before!, I also occasionally sleepwalk!

5. My favourite place in the world is Bedruthan beach in Cornwall (see a photo of it in my flickr slideshow)

6. I got all of my wisdom teeth through by the time I was 14.

7. my lucky number is 7 and my favourite colour is green.

8. My favourite book is ‘The End of the Affair’ by Graham Greene.

I’ve tagged:


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Stripy baby jumper… so far May 18, 2007

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 Here is the front piece of the baby jumper, so far so good and I’m loving the colours. The mum now thinks its going to be a girl so I can go ahead and pick some girly buttons. I may also make some baby ballet slippers in the remaining ecru wool (If I do have any remaining that is!)

Going to crack on with this this weekend, as well as starting my school reports! I want to get this done so I can make a start on the twilleys cardi, can’t wait!

 *UPDATE* Its Saturday evening and I’ve just finished the back piece and started the first sleeve, its coming along nicely so far!


Secret Santa Pressie

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My present from the Angel Yarns Secret Santa swap arrived this week – loads of yummy goodies! I’m really chuffed with the Noro Kureon, can’t wait to make the booga bag! Thanks again secret Pal!…. I wonder what my secret pal will think of the parcel I am sending to her?!


Sorry – no pics! May 17, 2007

I need to charge my camera! – a few things waiting to be photographed!

A few things to report since my last post, firstly I have finally received an appointment for my gastroscopy so I will be having it done on 30th May and should hopefully know about 7-10 days after that if I have Coeliac disease. I’m not really looking forward to it but I do really just want to know now!

I had my knitting club again after school  today, its going really well! several children have been getting a relative (mostly gran!) to help them at home and they have come back with knitted wristbands and headbands. One girl finished a headband tonight and has started making a bad today. A few are still at the beginning stage of takinng 10 minutes to do 3 stiches then dropping the lot! I gave them a little rhyme to help with the knit stitch: ‘in , around, through and off’ which they have changed to ‘my nan blew off!’ (I love that!) anyway, they are still enthusiastic and keep catching me in the corridor to ask me questions about casting on!

 I went to my first ever knitting/stitch group tonight in Solihull, really enjoyed it and was great to meet fellow knitters / stitchers! Was nice to meet you too Karen!…. and I’m very impressed with those socks! (wish I could master those DPN’s!)

Right, I’m off to school to prepare for  Teddy Bears Picnic!