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Knitting, sleeping (whenever I Can), Living with Coeliac Disease, Teaching and planning a wedding!

Thimble holder April 29, 2007

Filed under: crafts,Uncategorized — sleepknitting @ 1:09 pm

mushroom-and-scissors.jpgThimble shoeI really should be preparing for my interview on Tuesday, but I just want to post these pictures of the thimble holder, old embrodiery scissors and sock-darning mushroom ( I have no idea on the correct name for this!) that my Nan gave me a couple of weeks ago. I was telling her that I’m starting a school knitting club and she gave me a huge bag full of her old knitting and sewing things – these were in it. The thimble holder belonged to my Great, Great grandmother! its lovely, covered in purple velvet – I love things that have a family history, its weird to think that it was used by my great great gran!


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