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Blood test results April 8, 2007

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I got my most recent blood test results this weekend. It looks as though I have Coeliac disease (gluten intolerance) my Gastroenterologist is sending me for an endoscopy (camerad shoved down throat into the stomach!) and biopsy of the small intestine to confirm the diagnosis- nice!

I’m more bothered about the diagnosis procedure than the fact that i may be gluten intolerant!… although that would mean no more cakes, biscuits, bread, crackers, pastries, mayonnaise, pasta and about 50 other foods I love. I guess I have to wait for the diagnosis and see.

I’m off to my boyfriends parents farm up in Lincolnshire tonight to gat some peace and quiet for a few days. I’m packing my debbie bliss caot to get on with, can’t wait!

happy easter!


4 Responses to “Blood test results”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I had an endoscopy many moons ago and it sounds worse than it is. As long as they give you the good drugs, you won’t remember a thing. 🙂

  2. Renzo Says:

    It’s actually not that bad. You now get some really good gluten free flours and pastas on the market. Just means you’ll have to make your own cakes and breads and get used to the taste! I’ve been living like for years but will still eat the occassional slice of normal bread (and pay the price physically for a few days!) It’s a question of changing the mindset to: “normal flour is poison”. Best of luck. Renzo

  3. Juliana Says:

    I am sorry you have to go through that. An endoscopy is not a lot of fun. I had to have it (for other reasons) a few times… You will get drugs to make it all better… If that is of any comfort to you. And for being gluten intolerant: you are probably aware of this but there are tons of recipes for just the gluten intolerant cake lover. I hope all goes well for you. Best wishes and keep on smiling. Knitting.

  4. Thanks for the comments – I’m not exactly looking forward to it, but I suppose if it confirms coeliac disease then I can get on and change my diet and hopefully see improvement in my health!
    I’m a bit worried about the restrictive diet as I am already demi-vegetarian (I only eat fish, no other meat)I also don’t eat dairy as the doctors have previously told me to avoid lactose!… doesn’t leave a lot, I may well loose weight without even trying!

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