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Thimble holder April 29, 2007

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Thimble holder

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mushroom-and-scissors.jpgThimble shoeI really should be preparing for my interview on Tuesday, but I just want to post these pictures of the thimble holder, old embrodiery scissors and sock-darning mushroom ( I have no idea on the correct name for this!) that my Nan gave me a couple of weeks ago. I was telling her that I’m starting a school knitting club and she gave me a huge bag full of her old knitting and sewing things – these were in it. The thimble holder belonged to my Great, Great grandmother! its lovely, covered in purple velvet – I love things that have a family history, its weird to think that it was used by my great great gran!


A birthday and and interview April 28, 2007

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Well, this has probably been the least productive week of knitting ever….. that is to say I haven’t done any, I’ve not even opened my copy of ‘Simply Knitting’ that arrived the other day. I had an observation of my maths lesson on Wednesday, the head of the school I applied to came out to see me. Then it was my birthday on Thursday, sadly no knitting pressies but some lovely flowers and pressies from my class. Now I’ve got the weekend to prepare for an interview on Tuesday, I’ve got a presentation to give (yikes!) just don’t know what to do yet!

I will be glad when its this time next week and i will know if I got the job, then I can get on with some knitting. I’ve signed up for the summer holiday secret santa on angel yarns forums so I can’t wait for that. Roll on next week!


When life gets in the way of knitting April 22, 2007

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No knitting this weekend – infact I deliberately didn’t pack my knitting bag for my weekend at the boyfriend’s flat as I just have so much school work to do. I’ve applied for a job at another primary school and their head is coming to observe me teach on Wednesday….. so I need to get planning.

I will be glad when next week is over, not least because it’s my birthday on Thursday and I really do hate birthdays.

Right, I am going to switch the internet off and get some school work done! …. and I will really try to get on with some knitting in the week. bye for now.


Normal – apparently! April 21, 2007

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You Are a Normal Girl

You are 50% Good and 50% Bad
Sure you’ve pulled some bad girl stunts in your past.
But these days, you’re (mostly) a good girl.

Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?


Summer Term Blues April 17, 2007

Last day of the Easter holidays today, its back to school tomorrow, its a teacher training day though so at least I don’t have to teach until Thursday! I always feel like this after Easter, Christmas and Summer holidays – I feel like I’ve forgotten how to teach! It usually takes me a couple of days to get back into my ‘teacher’ mode, and it takes about two weeks to get back into my term time sleep pattern!

You see, I have a problem with sleep – I just can’t get enough of it! I am ALWAYS tired and can fall asleep in about 3 minutes given the opportunity! In the holidays I get the 9+ hours a night I need and everyone comments on how well I look; then in the term time I walk about in a daze and I keep getting ill!

However, having looked into Coeliac disease in more detail since my positive blood test it seems that tiredness and low immune system could all be symptoms of the disease. I’ve not received an appointment for the gastroscopy I’ve got to have done, I will know for certain if I am a Coeliac after the biopsy is done. If I get diagnosed then I have to see a dietitian and hopefully will be prescribed gluten free food. One of my friends has baked me some chocolate cup cakes made from gluten free flour and they are not too bad at all, so all is not lost! (bless her!)

 On the knitting front I’ve made some progress with the Debbie Bliss coat (about flippin’ time too!) Two sleeves done and just the back piece, collar and making up to complete. I have been very busy with school planning and preparation for the coming term.

I’ve also been preparing for my school knitting club that I will hopefully be starting in a couple of weeks time, I’ve got some decent kids needles and some nice DK wool for starters. I thought I would start with teachin them the very basics of cast on and garter stitch then make a headband (most of the girls at my school seem to wear those stretchy alice bands) then move onto a teddy or simple bag. If it all goes ok I may have a weekly lunch time drop-in knitting club (which gives me the excuse to spend my lunch hour knitting!) Anyway, I may be being far too ambitious! but we will see how it goes, I’m looking forward to it anyway!

 I’m really keen to join a knitting group / stitch and bitch/ knit and natter / whatever you care to call them! but I’m having trouble finding one in my area! I don’t really think I could find many others to start one up either…. I don’t want to be sitting in some cafe knitting on my own like Norma Nomates! Does anyone know of a group in the Solihull / South Birmingham area?


Blood test results April 8, 2007

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I got my most recent blood test results this weekend. It looks as though I have Coeliac disease (gluten intolerance) my Gastroenterologist is sending me for an endoscopy (camerad shoved down throat into the stomach!) and biopsy of the small intestine to confirm the diagnosis- nice!

I’m more bothered about the diagnosis procedure than the fact that i may be gluten intolerant!… although that would mean no more cakes, biscuits, bread, crackers, pastries, mayonnaise, pasta and about 50 other foods I love. I guess I have to wait for the diagnosis and see.

I’m off to my boyfriends parents farm up in Lincolnshire tonight to gat some peace and quiet for a few days. I’m packing my debbie bliss caot to get on with, can’t wait!

happy easter!