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School yarn stash! March 21, 2007

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Here is some of the yarn I discovered in the cupboard at school, its been in there for a few years untouched so I’ve helped myself!… hey, I don’t feel too bad, I’m going to teach a school knitting club so I may end up using some of it. The green marriner yarn is soo soft and I love the old label! I’m thinking of using it as a sock yarn, its very fine but would make great bed socks. I’ve no idea what to do with the two mohairs – any suggestions? they are rather itchy I would imagine but amazing colours.

I’ve had a few donations of old wool for my knitting club, my class of year 1 pupils (ages 5-6) are dissapointed that I am only running the club for Key Stage 2 (7-11 yr olds) but I’m going to try and teach the older kids first, I think 5 is just a bit to young! I took my current sock project to school today and I knitted at playtime on the playground bench, I had a crowd of about 29 kids all asking questions and fighting over who got to hold my ball of wool! It was very sweet, they all were fascinated as I don’t think any of them have ever seen anyone knitting before. I think thats so sad, I can fondly remember my mum knitting me cardigans while my dad played cricket; and my nan knitting whilst on the phone and ironing all at the same time (that’s multi-tasking!)


2 Responses to “School yarn stash!”

  1. elan Says:

    Hi, I run a knit club at my kids school and generally find it easier to teach the older kids. A newspaper here in town wrote an article about what I was doing & I got donations of yarn and needles that are taking me into the fourth year from people all over town. The paper donated $100 which I spent on kids knit books. The best thing you could get though is volunteers to help. Good luck.

  2. I’m having a hard time finding any help to run the club, none of the other teachers or staff knit, and we unfortunately have a rather unsupportive group of parents (half of them can barely write, let alone knit!) Teh newspapaer is a good idea though! Thanks.

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