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Its beginning to feel a lot like spring March 14, 2007

Filed under: crafts,knitting,sock yarn,teaching — sleepknitting @ 5:40 pm

 What a lovely day its been, the sun has been out and my class have been oustide playing on the school field for the first time this year. I do like spring, it makes me want to have a good clear-out at home and start new projects. Talking of new projects I’ve been organising my new school knitting club which I’m going to start after the Easter holiday; there are that many teachers that have said they would like to come that it looks like I will be teaching adults, not kids!

I’ve raided the technology cupboard at school to see how much yarn we have, I have to say I’ve found some great stuff that might just find it’s way into my stash. Some lovely mohair on cones, some very old navy blue fingering yarn and some lovely soft green wool with the old labels on – 17p a ball, what a bargain! (it’s a lot older than me!)

No photos yet but I will get onto it this weekend. Still not picked up the Debbie Bliss coat, but hopefully I will get some time at the weekend, I’ve got a lesson observation and a mothers day assembly to organise first for school so that is keeping me busy!


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