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Not much progress March 10, 2007

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These are the first pair of socks I ever made, I made them using DPN’s, the yarn is Wendy Peter Pan baby wool DK, I made them as bed socks and they are so so soft! – I didn’t really like the DPN method though, too many ladders (despite following all the tricks to stop them!)

Below is my first ever attempt at socks on 2 circulars, I’m using the rib sock from ‘socks soar on 2 circulars’, I’m definately preferring this method, the technique is easier and the the results more professional (for me anyway!)


Well, here is the finished rib sock in the trekking yarn – I’m on the cuff of the 2nd sock. I’ve quite enjoyed using this yarn, the colours seem to blend a lot more together rather than create obvious stripes. I have to say that the k2p2 rib is slowing my progress a bit, I’m not the fastest rib knitter so my next socks will have to have a simpler cuff detail! This was just supposed to be a mini-project on the side while I concentrate on the main current WIP my debbie bliss unstructured coat…. but I’ve ground to a halt there and keep daydreaming about sock knitting.

I’ve not had a great deal of time for knitting, I’m very busy at school and homelife has been a bit hectic lately with doctors and hospital appointments. Still, I’m glad that I saw the specialist this week and that IBD has been ruled out. I’ve got another blood test next week of coeliac disease but I’m very doubtful that it will come back positive. I really hope I’m not wheat intolerant, as it is I can’t have lactose so I’m already restricting my diet; I’m also demi-vegitarian (only eat fish, no other meat) so if I’ve got to cut out wheat too eating out is going to be a challenge!

 I’m planning to start a knitting club at school next term, it will be for 7-11 year olds and I want to teach the basics and have then kids work on a small project of their own. I’m still trying to decide what and trying to gather together yarn and needles for the club. Not sure how patient I am going to be with dropped stitches and the like, but I learnt to knit at primary school and with my mum and I really enjoyed it. I remember I had to make a teddy gear stuffed with shredded old tights! The head Mrs Smith who must have been about 70 taught the year 3 children in her office, she was a really scary woman and I remeber sitting there with about 10 other kids in silence knitting, being too scard to tell her if you had dropped a stitch! But it didn’t put me off for life, I had more help from my mum, she gave me a Jean Greenhouse (is that her name?) book with toys that I loved to make at home.

 I spent Thursday afternoon in the reception class at school, these are the kids I will be teaching next year when they are in year 1 ; and what an experience that was! They were so naughty and uncontrollable, I have taught chalenging children before but this class are like nothing I have ever seen. I’m going to be worried all summer about it I’m sure! I am experienced at dealing with 5-6 year old children but the behaviour I saw on thursday is like nothing I’ve ever experienced! oh dear!


2 Responses to “Not much progress”

  1. I love both these socks! The Trekking yarn is lovely with that ribbing pattern.

    I think you’re brave to start a knitting club. I’m tearing my hair out trying to teach my 10 year old niece who has an extremely short attention span. She pesters me relentlessly to sit down with her, yet 5 minutes later she’s off on something else that’s caught her eye! 🙄

    Check out Lindsey’s blog. She’s been taking a knitting club, and has just posted pics of their achievements.

  2. Thanks for the link, some useful ideas on there! I’m sure the knitting club will try my patience! at the moment I’ve been teaching after school french club but I’ve got bored of all the preparation I need to do for that! at least with knitting I won’t have to swat-up on my subject knowledge beforehand!

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