Sleep Knitting

Knitting, sleeping (whenever I Can), Living with Coeliac Disease, Teaching and planning a wedding!

Good News March 7, 2007

I had an appointment with a Gastroenterologist today, and the good news is he doesn’t think its inflammatory bowel disease. The bad news is I’ve got to go for yet more blood tests! I now have to be tested for coeliac disease (wheat intolerance) – but this is certainaly a lot better than IBD. I’m very relieved, especially as it means I don’t have to have a barium enema!!!! (yikes!)

 I’ve finish the first trekking rib sock and on the cuff on the 2nd one (pictures to follow shortly) Really pleased with my first sock on 2 circulars, its  super stretchy thanks to the ribbed cuff and no holes or ladders. I’m looking at my stash of yummy opal feelings now and planning my new socks – but I really do need to get on with the Debbie Bliss jacket as I would like to finish it before summer when it will get to hot to wear it!

So many WIP’s, so little time!

I’m a primary school teacher and I’ve got a student teacher on practice in my class at the moment, its fantastic as I’m hardly teaching at all at the moment, its going to be a shock after Easter when I’m on my own again!

Talking of school, I’m thinking of starting and after school knitting club. I would be teaching KS2 7-11 year olds, I’ve got a nice pattern for a garter stich teddy which could be a great first project!


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