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Job application March 30, 2007

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I’ve had a really busy week. Parents evening and trying to get a job application done, I’ve not slept well this week and I’m useless without at least 9 hours a night! So I’ve not done any knitting this week and I’m desperate to get back to it!

I’ve managed to persuade someone at work to help me with the school knitting club so I’m all set to start afetr Easter, I’ve had a few donations of yarn and needles and a few of the pupils ask me when its starting.

Off for a curry now! but will try to blog (and knit) this weekend!


Twilleys freedom spirit – yummy! March 21, 2007

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My most recent purchase, God knows when I will get to knit it though. I love the feel of this yarn though, and the colours. I’ve heard that this felts fairly easily so I will have to be careful there! The pattern came from, I’ve not come across it before but I would be interested to know if anyone else has had a try at it?

I will promise myself to get the blinking Debbie Bliss jacket done first though….. i will try!


School yarn stash!

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Here is some of the yarn I discovered in the cupboard at school, its been in there for a few years untouched so I’ve helped myself!… hey, I don’t feel too bad, I’m going to teach a school knitting club so I may end up using some of it. The green marriner yarn is soo soft and I love the old label! I’m thinking of using it as a sock yarn, its very fine but would make great bed socks. I’ve no idea what to do with the two mohairs – any suggestions? they are rather itchy I would imagine but amazing colours.

I’ve had a few donations of old wool for my knitting club, my class of year 1 pupils (ages 5-6) are dissapointed that I am only running the club for Key Stage 2 (7-11 yr olds) but I’m going to try and teach the older kids first, I think 5 is just a bit to young! I took my current sock project to school today and I knitted at playtime on the playground bench, I had a crowd of about 29 kids all asking questions and fighting over who got to hold my ball of wool! It was very sweet, they all were fascinated as I don’t think any of them have ever seen anyone knitting before. I think thats so sad, I can fondly remember my mum knitting me cardigans while my dad played cricket; and my nan knitting whilst on the phone and ironing all at the same time (that’s multi-tasking!)


Busy, busy, busy

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 Here are some pictures of my new sock blockers I’ve been meaning to upload for ages – I’m totally in love with these! I’m not really a blocking convert but they really bring out the pattern and true shape of the sock. I can’t wait to get the 2nd trekking sock finished now and get them blocked!


Its beginning to feel a lot like spring March 14, 2007

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 What a lovely day its been, the sun has been out and my class have been oustide playing on the school field for the first time this year. I do like spring, it makes me want to have a good clear-out at home and start new projects. Talking of new projects I’ve been organising my new school knitting club which I’m going to start after the Easter holiday; there are that many teachers that have said they would like to come that it looks like I will be teaching adults, not kids!

I’ve raided the technology cupboard at school to see how much yarn we have, I have to say I’ve found some great stuff that might just find it’s way into my stash. Some lovely mohair on cones, some very old navy blue fingering yarn and some lovely soft green wool with the old labels on – 17p a ball, what a bargain! (it’s a lot older than me!)

No photos yet but I will get onto it this weekend. Still not picked up the Debbie Bliss coat, but hopefully I will get some time at the weekend, I’ve got a lesson observation and a mothers day assembly to organise first for school so that is keeping me busy!


Not much progress March 10, 2007

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These are the first pair of socks I ever made, I made them using DPN’s, the yarn is Wendy Peter Pan baby wool DK, I made them as bed socks and they are so so soft! – I didn’t really like the DPN method though, too many ladders (despite following all the tricks to stop them!)

Below is my first ever attempt at socks on 2 circulars, I’m using the rib sock from ‘socks soar on 2 circulars’, I’m definately preferring this method, the technique is easier and the the results more professional (for me anyway!)


Well, here is the finished rib sock in the trekking yarn – I’m on the cuff of the 2nd sock. I’ve quite enjoyed using this yarn, the colours seem to blend a lot more together rather than create obvious stripes. I have to say that the k2p2 rib is slowing my progress a bit, I’m not the fastest rib knitter so my next socks will have to have a simpler cuff detail! This was just supposed to be a mini-project on the side while I concentrate on the main current WIP my debbie bliss unstructured coat…. but I’ve ground to a halt there and keep daydreaming about sock knitting.

I’ve not had a great deal of time for knitting, I’m very busy at school and homelife has been a bit hectic lately with doctors and hospital appointments. Still, I’m glad that I saw the specialist this week and that IBD has been ruled out. I’ve got another blood test next week of coeliac disease but I’m very doubtful that it will come back positive. I really hope I’m not wheat intolerant, as it is I can’t have lactose so I’m already restricting my diet; I’m also demi-vegitarian (only eat fish, no other meat) so if I’ve got to cut out wheat too eating out is going to be a challenge!

 I’m planning to start a knitting club at school next term, it will be for 7-11 year olds and I want to teach the basics and have then kids work on a small project of their own. I’m still trying to decide what and trying to gather together yarn and needles for the club. Not sure how patient I am going to be with dropped stitches and the like, but I learnt to knit at primary school and with my mum and I really enjoyed it. I remember I had to make a teddy gear stuffed with shredded old tights! The head Mrs Smith who must have been about 70 taught the year 3 children in her office, she was a really scary woman and I remeber sitting there with about 10 other kids in silence knitting, being too scard to tell her if you had dropped a stitch! But it didn’t put me off for life, I had more help from my mum, she gave me a Jean Greenhouse (is that her name?) book with toys that I loved to make at home.

 I spent Thursday afternoon in the reception class at school, these are the kids I will be teaching next year when they are in year 1 ; and what an experience that was! They were so naughty and uncontrollable, I have taught chalenging children before but this class are like nothing I have ever seen. I’m going to be worried all summer about it I’m sure! I am experienced at dealing with 5-6 year old children but the behaviour I saw on thursday is like nothing I’ve ever experienced! oh dear!


Good News March 7, 2007

I had an appointment with a Gastroenterologist today, and the good news is he doesn’t think its inflammatory bowel disease. The bad news is I’ve got to go for yet more blood tests! I now have to be tested for coeliac disease (wheat intolerance) – but this is certainaly a lot better than IBD. I’m very relieved, especially as it means I don’t have to have a barium enema!!!! (yikes!)

 I’ve finish the first trekking rib sock and on the cuff on the 2nd one (pictures to follow shortly) Really pleased with my first sock on 2 circulars, its  super stretchy thanks to the ribbed cuff and no holes or ladders. I’m looking at my stash of yummy opal feelings now and planning my new socks – but I really do need to get on with the Debbie Bliss jacket as I would like to finish it before summer when it will get to hot to wear it!

So many WIP’s, so little time!

I’m a primary school teacher and I’ve got a student teacher on practice in my class at the moment, its fantastic as I’m hardly teaching at all at the moment, its going to be a shock after Easter when I’m on my own again!

Talking of school, I’m thinking of starting and after school knitting club. I would be teaching KS2 7-11 year olds, I’ve got a nice pattern for a garter stich teddy which could be a great first project!