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The good and the bad February 23, 2007

Filed under: health,inflammatory bowel disease,knitting,socks,Uncategorized,yarn — sleepknitting @ 7:14 pm

The good, being I had a delivery today of opal sock yarn, new addi turbo circulars and ‘socks soar on 2 circulars’ book that I have been waiting for. I’m going to teach myself to knit socks on circulars this weekend.

 The bad – I’ve had some blood tests done recently and I heard from my doctor today that she thinks I may have inflammatory bowel disease. I’ve been referred to a specialist for further tests. I’m not quite sure what to think, obviously I’m a bit worried – especially about the hospital tests.

 I’m going to try and look on the bright side, no point worrying about it until I’ve had the further tests. It might sound a bit sad / weird but I always find that when I do feel ill knitting always takes my mind of things and leaves me feeling relaxed.


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