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Knitting, sleeping (whenever I Can), Living with Coeliac Disease, Teaching and planning a wedding!

In the beginning…. February 18, 2007

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Well, looks like this is the beginnings of my blog all about me. Let me introduce myself….

I’m Claire, 20-something, I live in the West Midlands UK, I’m a teacher (I haven’t always been) my favourite food is mashed potato, I love knitting, I need more sleep.

 I aim to blog about my current knitting projects (successes and failures) and perhaps comment on a few other things going on in my busy but not too exciting life.

 I was first taught to knit by my mum when I was about seven, I remember making blankets for my dolls and a few knitted toys. then I lost interest until a few years ago when my Nan gave me some of her old knitting books – I was studying for a degree in Fashion at the time and wanted to find some retro knitting patterns for a project. These sparked my interest in knitting again, and I gradually re-taught myself to knit and try out new techniques.

I would say I am an improving knitter, somethings are still beyond me (like fairisle! – I just can’t do it!) but I enjoy trying out new techniques and patterns.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. I will aim to upload some pictures of my current WIP’s soon (bit tricky as I don’t have my own Internet access, using my boyfriends computer at the moment!) but I will do my best.

Happy knitting!


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