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Knitting, sleeping (whenever I Can), Living with Coeliac Disease, Teaching and planning a wedding!

They are growing! February 28, 2007

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I’ve mastered socks on 2 circular needles! – They grow a lot faster than on DPN’s and I’m really pleased at how well my first attempt is moving along! – and no ladders!

I’ve taught myself from the book ‘socks soar on 2 circulars’  – really pleased with how they are coming along. I’m using the trekking sock yarn show in the previous post.

 On a non-knitting topic – I’ve got more blood tests tomorrow and a hospital appointment next week to investigate the possibility of me having Inflammatory bowel disease. I’m really nervous, I don’t know how I’m going to feel if I find out if I have it. Relieved I think, I have felt ill for so long.


socks on 2 circs February 24, 2007

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Well, I’m trying not to think about the whole health thing today. I’ve started to knit some socks on 2 circulars – the first time I’ve ever uses this method of sock knitting. I’ve got ‘socks soar on 2 circulars’ by Cat Bordhi and I’m using addi turbo’s with ‘trekking’ sock yarn. I’m amazed at how much easier it is than DPN’s, there are less change overs with just the two needles and I’ve not got any ladders at the needle joins. In short, I’m sold on this sock knitting method (think I will be getting rid of the DPN’s soon!)


The Trekking yarn is seen here on the right, the rest is going in the stash! If I master the whole 2 circs thing then I think I will try a lace patterned sock with the pink.


The good and the bad February 23, 2007

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The good, being I had a delivery today of opal sock yarn, new addi turbo circulars and ‘socks soar on 2 circulars’ book that I have been waiting for. I’m going to teach myself to knit socks on circulars this weekend.

 The bad – I’ve had some blood tests done recently and I heard from my doctor today that she thinks I may have inflammatory bowel disease. I’ve been referred to a specialist for further tests. I’m not quite sure what to think, obviously I’m a bit worried – especially about the hospital tests.

 I’m going to try and look on the bright side, no point worrying about it until I’ve had the further tests. It might sound a bit sad / weird but I always find that when I do feel ill knitting always takes my mind of things and leaves me feeling relaxed.


Back to school February 21, 2007

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 School is back from half term this week – I teach primary age children. It was nice to see my class again, after the 2 snow days we had and half term I hadn’t seen them for nearly 12 days – I hadn’d realised how fond I am of some of them!………… but back to school means a shed-load of work and less time for knitting.

I have completed both front pieces for the Debbie Bliss unstructured coat, but haven’t cast on for the back piece yet. To be honest it’s getting a bit repetitive and I need to find a smaller project that I can have a go at when the boredom sets in.

I ordered a bundle of yummy sock yarn from ebay at the weekend, some yummy opal feelings which I can’t wait to get on with. But I’, currently waiting for a delivery od addi turbo circulars, so no socks yet. I can do DPN’s but its’ one of my new yeats resolutions to attempts socks on 2 circs and I’m determined to get on with it asap. So at this moment no socks on the go – shame as I fell asleep reading ‘sensational knitted socks’ and have a few patterns that I really want to try.

come on postman!


Debbie Bliss Unstructured Coat February 18, 2007

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imgp3236.JPGimgp3238.JPG This is my current favourite WIP. Its the unstructured coat from the Debbie Bliss Simply Soft book (although I’m working from a pattern in an old copy of Simply Knitting).

Its made in D.B. Cashmerino Astrakhan which is just sooo soft, and it creates a very stretchy fabric with a nice drape. I went for this lovely mossy green colour as green is my all time favouite colour. The front pieces are worked on a long circular needle from the front edge to the side seam, I’ve completed the right front and am now on the left front. It’s not the fastest yarn to knit up, but the boucle effect creates a wonderfully textured fabric, I can’t wait to get it finished.


In the beginning….

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Well, looks like this is the beginnings of my blog all about me. Let me introduce myself….

I’m Claire, 20-something, I live in the West Midlands UK, I’m a teacher (I haven’t always been) my favourite food is mashed potato, I love knitting, I need more sleep.

 I aim to blog about my current knitting projects (successes and failures) and perhaps comment on a few other things going on in my busy but not too exciting life.

 I was first taught to knit by my mum when I was about seven, I remember making blankets for my dolls and a few knitted toys. then I lost interest until a few years ago when my Nan gave me some of her old knitting books – I was studying for a degree in Fashion at the time and wanted to find some retro knitting patterns for a project. These sparked my interest in knitting again, and I gradually re-taught myself to knit and try out new techniques.

I would say I am an improving knitter, somethings are still beyond me (like fairisle! – I just can’t do it!) but I enjoy trying out new techniques and patterns.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. I will aim to upload some pictures of my current WIP’s soon (bit tricky as I don’t have my own Internet access, using my boyfriends computer at the moment!) but I will do my best.

Happy knitting!